Born in Brighton in 1989, Emma completed a degree at University of the Arts London, where she was trained in the special art of Prosthetics for Performance. It was this that instilled an obsession with the human form and anatomy, one which coupled with her passion for the traditional techniques of portrait painting, led to Hopkins’ approach being so unique. Unlike most portrait painters Emma’s practice is to paint portraits only in the nude saying‘We are not just the clothed person we present to the world. We are the mind and body that we inhabit, which at no point stay the same’ .  This approach allows the paintings to act as ‘a mirror to our multifaceted nature, allowing me to explore themes that I fear the most; hidden motives, illness and death’.




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I only paint nude portraits as my work seeks to portray both mind and body in the most honest way possible. The portraits capture the memory of that person at that time, and they are works of art not objects of flattery. I ask for the subject to trust that the finished outcome will be derived from my instincts and not from an idealised perspective. It is important for me to know the sitter, so I always start with a coffee and take it from there.


  • 2019 – Young Artist Award at the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Awards
  • 2018 – The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition
  • 2018 – The de Laszlo Foundation Award for Excellence
  • 2017 – Elected a member of the RP
  • 2017 – Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Award
  • 2015 – The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award in association in with The Arts Club
  • 2015 – The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition

Commission a portrait by Emma Hopkins RP