Election to join membership of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters is based solely on the quality of an artist’s work. No Proposers or Seconders are required and it is not restricted to British artists.


If you wish to apply, the normal procedure is as follows;

  • Submit work to the Annual Exhibition.
  • If preselected, write APPLICANT at the top of your entry form.
  • Have your work accepted for the annual exhibition
  • The Selection Committee will decide whether or not to add your name to the Candidates’ list.
  • If selected, Candidates will be invited to submit further supporting work to the Annual General Meeting, following the close of the exhibition, when elections take place.
  • Candidates will be informed of the results of the election by email.
  • Names normally remain on the Candidates’ list for three years, after which, one year must elapse before reapplication, unless the Selection Committee recommends an extension.
  • Please note that, if successful, an annual membership fee is payable

More details on submitting work for the annual open portrait exhibition

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