The Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ 2021 Annual Exhibition

Mall Galleries, London


In gallery 6-15 May 2021


Celebrating the best in contemporary portraiture


See the 2021 portrait exhibition works online


Walk through the exhibition with our virtual tourEnjoy, not only the quality of the art but also some well-known characters.

Each of the 200 portraits is a work of art.  It has been chosen on its merit by our portrait painters making this a showcase of the best of current portraiture.

This year there was a mini-theme of Childhood, and The RP Award will be presented for the best portrait on this theme. Other awards included The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture, worth £10,000, and The William Lock Portrait Prize of £20,000. Discover the prize-winners.

The selection of work on display, both from its members and from the open section, makes it the perfect destination for those wishing to commission a portrait. The individuals portrayed span every age and every field of human activity. Portraiture is a fascinating barometer of current trends and holds a mirror up to nature in reflecting life in contemporary Britain.

Mall Galleries

The Mall, by Trafalgar Square, London