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Commissioning a portrait

The process is enjoyable and easy.  Good portraits are the product of positive relationships. For the sitter, being part of the creative process can be very rewarding. ‘The process is worth as much as the portrait itelf’ said one client who had particularly enjoyed the sittings and relationship with the artist.  We provide a consultant to look after you from the initial thought, through finding the right artist, to the final work.

‘The consultant’s enormous skill at identifying great talent and understanding precisely what her clients need is a real and rare gift’. -Camilla Borge, series of portraits for the University of Oxford.

Our artists

Best to start with the best’ . Our Members are elected for being the best and most reliable portrait painters. They are carefully selected because of the excellence of their work over a period of time. Members are elected by the full membership of the Society rather than by a small clique or a commercial eye,


Our consultants 

Our expert consultants know the artists well and have decades of experience for you to call on. They ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, negating the potential pitfalls.

As a starting point, they offer help with choosing the right artist for your commission.  We hold portfolios for our Members which allow you to get a real sense of the body of their work.  Our Consultants can advise you on  an artist’s pricing and method of working as well as give you a sense of their character.  This service is available by appointment at our central London offices in Carlton House Terrace.  Alternatively our Consultants can compile a selection of artists to suit your brief using an exchange of emails.


The cost of a portrait

Unsurprisingly, fees can be substantial rising to nearly £100,000.  It is worth noting, however, that their starting point can be less than £2,000.


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