portrait prize winner Daphne Todd, Professor Susan Smith, Mistress of Girton, a portrait in a non rectangular format

Daphne Todd, Professor Susan Smith, Mistress of Girton

The Changing Faces Prize was awarded to the artist whose portrait best conveys the energy of their subject, the directness of their gaze and an attitude that exudes openness and confidence.

The Prize was a £2,000 commission for the collection which aims to show the public that a person’s distinctive scar colourful mark or unusual feature is just one part of their overall picture.

View winning portraits from previous years below.



2017 – Daphne Todd OBE PPRP
2016 – Jan Mikulka
2015 – Hero Johnson
2014 – Saied Dai
2013 – Andrew James
2012 – Mark Roscoe
2011 – Benita Stoney
2010 – Antony Williams
2009 – Anthony Connolly

2008 – Hynek Martinec
2007 – Brendan Kelly
2006 – Toby Wiggins
2005 – Jean-Paul Tibbles
2004 – Alastair Adams
2003 – Jason Bowyer
2002 – Michael Taylor