An accomplished portrait painter and draughtsman, Yeoman has undertaken many notable portrait commissions, including HM The Queens Grandchildren, Sir Alan Hodgkin OM, Dr Courtney Phillips, Sir James Whyte Black and a young Edward Sheeran (Ed Sheeran) and Mathew Sheeran. Most recently he was commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales to paint D-Day Veteran Laurie Weedon for the Last of The Tide exhibition.

He notably accompanied The Prince and Princess of Wales on the Royal Yacht Britannia as artist in attendance on a number of official overseas tours. The first of these trips was to the Gulf States, making Yeoman the first young ‘tour artist’ to teach the Prince drawing and painting. Yeoman’s work (etchings, drawings and paintings) have been used in not one but four books by arabist and writer Tim Mackintosh-Smith. The first of these was the highly acclaimed Yemen, Travels in Dictionary Land published by John Murray.

Yeoman has worked in India, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Morocco, Gulf States (Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia).



12 x 10 inches £8000
20 x 16 inches £12000
40 x 30 inches £26000
50 x 40 inches from £34000


Silverpoint Drawings 
20 x 14 inches begin at £8200


20 x 14 inches begin at £7600


20 x 14 inches begin at £10000


This is a rough fee-guide for a single portrait. Frame, travel & accommodation expenses are not included. For groups and non-standard sizes please enquire.


I prefer to meet with my sitters first, prior to beginning the portrait. I often request 6-12 sittings for a portrait in oil and less for a drawing. I usually work in my studio but am happy to travel. I do not work from photographs. I am not registered for VAT.


  • HM The Queens Grandchildren
  • Dr Courtney Phillips
  • Sir Brinsley Ford (Art historian, Scholar and Collector)
  • Dr Hugh Montefiore (former Bishop of Birmingham)
  • E V Norrell (Norrie), Coxswain of the Royal Yacht
  • Michael Hoare (Hoare’s Bank)
  • Sir Alan Hodgkin OM
  • Sir James Whyte Black
  • Tim Mackintosh-Smith (British Arabist, historian and travel writer)
  • A young Edward Sheeran (Singer Ed Sheeran) and Mathew Sheeran
  • Nicholas and Alexander Niarchos
  • Laurie Weedon (D-Day Veteran) commissioned by HRH Prince of Wales.


  • 2015/16 – New English Art Club Open Exhibition
  • 2015 – Last of the Tide, Queen’s Galley
  • 1996-2004/2009 – Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, Mall Galleries
  • 1976/77/79-90/92/92/93/93/04/05/06 – RA Summer Exhibition
  • 2005 – No Photography Allowed, Petley Fine Art, London
  • 2004 – India, Indar Pasricha Fine Arts, London
  • 2004 – Oil Paintings Pastels Drawings, Petley Fine Art
  • 2002 – Hindustan to Malabar, Offer Waterman and Co, London
  • 2000 – Paintings in the Holy Land, Alan Kluckow Fine Art Publications
  • 1998 –
  • I. – Princes as Patrons, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
  • II. – Travels with the Prince, Hampton Court Palace
  • 1997 -Yeoman’s Yemen: The British Council Exhibition – The National Art Centre in Sana’a, Yemen.
  • 1994 – Selected Works, National Trust’s Foundation for Art, Mompesson House, Salisbury
  • 1993 – The Queen’s Grandchildren, The National Portrait Gallery
  • 1987 – Two Tours of the Middle East, Agnews, London


  • 2016 The Doreen McIntosh Prize at the New English Open
  • 2016 The Woodhay Picture Gallery Prize at the New English Open
  • 2004 The Bill Turner Prize for Drawing
  • 2002 The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture and Gold Medal
  • 1998 The Philip Solomon Drawing Prize
  • 1996 Menena Joy Schwabe Prize
  • 1980 Elizabeth Greenshield Scholarship
  • 1979 Richard Ford Scholarship
  • 1978 David Murray Landscape Scholarship
  • 1976 Silver Medal for Drawing, Royal Academy Schools

Commission a portrait by Martin Yeoman RP NEAC