RP Annual Exhibition 2021 | Accepted Works

Below is a list of the works selected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2021, alphabetical by artist surname.

Please read this list carefully, it numbers 122 works.

If your work has been selected, you will receive further details by email this week.

Note that the exhibition runs at Mall Galleries, London, from 6 to 15 May 2021.


Alexander, Rupert – Peter Mandelson, Baron Mandelson PC

Alexander, Rupert – Jack Hudleston

Allen, Timothy Joseph – The Painter’s Daughter

Aouni, Naima – Wabi-sabi #1

Arthurton, Thomas – Portrait of a Painter

Askheim, Hans – Ann

Axtell, David – Portrait of Renate Collins Kindertransport 80th Anniversary

Balding, Aldo – Mathilde

Bard, Chelsea – Intimations 2

Baseri, Zahra Akbari – Fatemeh

Bays, Caroline – Reflection with Postcards

Beckett, Stewart – Is it a Reflection

Bensly, Bryony – Henry’s Birds

Bizzarri, Marco – Silente I

Bodden, Dominic – The Market Butcher

Borodina, Anastasia – Blockade Eyewitness

Braiden, Simon Thomas – Dame Maureen Lipman

Braiden, Simon Thomas – Portrait of a Boy

Brooks, Rupert – Anorak – A Self Portrait

Bucciarelli, Giulia – Enigma

Burdon, Martyn – Miles Jupp

Caldwell, Steve – Mr Fuller

Caldwell, Steve – Joe McGann

Callaway, Alex – Charlie

Calleja, Anna – Escape

Calver, Will – Self Portrait in Hat

Cannon, Steve – Man with Plant

Cervantes, Mario – Winter Evening

Cha, Chanel – Purety

Chew, Shona – Claudette Joseph

Chien, Stephen – Deb in Repose

Comoretti, Vania – Shadow

Crow, Eleanor – Phil Abel, Past Master of The Art Workers’ Guild

Crozier, Belinda – Last Day of the Holiday Blues

DeCarlis, Angela – Eloise (The Teacup Painting)

Di Taranto, Davide – Manuel

Dickinson, Phoebe – Alethea

Dong, Congxian – A Pious Wish

Draisey, Mark – The Wine Merchant

Epshtein, Gila – Guy with Glasses

Fatih Gurbuz, Siya – Don’t drink this water, you will turn into a goat

Field, Peter – Anna

Gammone, Roberto – Daniela Hates her Drawings

Garmon, Isabel – Nefer

Gironi, Fabiola – Metamorphosis

Goto, Komachi – Coco 2020

Gottrau, Marie-Pierre de – 10 Years After

Grgic-Dakovic, Rene – Mihaela

Hanbury, Clementine – Francesco

Harrison, Geoffrey – Self Portrait

Hawkins, Julia – Alice at the Table

He, Lihuai – Lavender

Herbert-Roche, Kate – Self Portrait in Red Shirt

Hillman, Aelfred – Brother by a Window

Holembivska, Anhelina – Self Portrait

Holt, Ruth – Self Portrait

Hope, Benjamin – Elizabeth #2

Hope, Benjamin – Self Portrait in Ski Beanie

Houston, Florence – Bella

Hunter, Megan – Lockdown Studio Self Portrait

Johnson, Hero – Small Self

Kasyan, Alex – Portrait of Myles Johnston

Kateryniuk, Andrii – Self Portrait with a Window

Kinsler, Jeannie – Byrne

Kostov, Preslav – Dawn’s Troubles

Kubik, Tomas – Valeria

Kubik, Tomas – David in Renaissance Style

Kuck, Sandra – Portrait Through a Prism

Kynoch, Kathryn – Self in Turquoise Blouse

Kynoch, Kathryn – Michael Tribe PhD MA

Larin, Anna – Messiah Eyes

Lawton, David – The Sculptor

Lawton, David – The Egyptian Girl

Lestini, Lysandra – Portrait of Isabelle

Lethin, Valdemar – Before and After

Lewis, Gabriel – The Harvester

Ling, Yun – Adila

Liu, Cuiping – Guitar and Young Girl

Liu, Xiaowei – Meditative Model

Loffill, Tom – Ben, Liz & Rola

Martineau, Luke – Teatime

Masacz, Helen – Midlife

Mills, Stephanie – Outcome

Morris, Luis – Antigone

Newington, Kate – Amanda

Ning, Li – Stranger

Orlowski, Stefan John – Material Monk

Orlowski, Stefan John – The Blue Room

Overheul, Sylvie – The Paper Garden

Pasterfield, Nicola – Paddy

Pearce, John N. – Artist in the Garden

Poderys, Mantas – Self Portrait at the Age of 28

Pool, Caroline – A Portrait of Rob Bliss

Prudnikova, Elena – Karina. Solovki.

Rajagopal, Bharat – Portrait of Chantal

Renee-Cemmick, Marina – Kirstin

Reynolds, Shannon – Boy with Ukelele

Robertson, Saul – Us Into Others, Others Into Us

Rogers, Emily – Owen

Ross, Lauren – Self Portrait in Thought

Rosselli Del Turco, Ilaria – Self Portrait in the Conservatory

Routley, Jamie – Portrait of George Elvidge

Routley, Jamie – Ivy age 4

Rudnichenko, Konstantin – Clayton

Schaffer, Charlie – Imara

Scott, Fiona – Lily

Skinner, Abby Hope – Harlequin

Slusakowicz, Michael – Double Portrait of Clara

Svetlakov, Sergey – The Youth from Moldavia

Tan, Jianwu – Youth

Teeuw, Stephen – Rohan

Teeuw, Stephen – Banjo Steve from Norfolk

Tichshenko, Yaroslava – Amal Combing her Hair

Valentine Baynham, Olivia – Phoebe in Lockdown

Volpini, Patrizio – Meatballs

Wagstaff, Adele – Presence, Adrian

Watling, Isabella – Loredanna

Wilby, Alex – Geth

Willems, Rogier – Sophie

Wimbledon, Anna – Mother and Daughter

Yang, Fan – I am Fan Yang

Zhao, Yang – Girl in Yellow Turban




Entry to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters are subject to the following:

  • Any artist over 18 may submit.
  • All mediums aside from sculpture and photography are acceptable.
  • Work must have been completed in the last three years and not been exhibited in London previously.
  • Works must have a minimum sale price of £300. Works may be listed as not for sale – if your work is not for sale, please input the price as ‘NFS’ when prompted.
  • The price of works for sale must include 45% + VAT commission.
  • A maximum of three works can submitted for selected. It is possible for all three entries to be selected
  • Works should not be larger than 2.4m along the longest dimension.
  • Note that artists accepted for exhibition will be invited to advertise portrait commissions through our Commissions department on which a commission will be payable.


The submission fee is £20 per work for standard entries and £14 per work for artists aged 35 or under. This includes free admission to the exhibition (normally £4).


  • NEW £20,000 Prize Announced – The William Lock Portrait Prize worth £20,000 for the most timeless portrait with a real feeling for paint and its aesthetic potential
  • The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture – £10,000 plus the Society’s Gold Medal awarded for the most distinguished portrait in the Society’s annual exhibition.
  • The RP Award – £2,000 will be awarded to the artist whose work best represents the year’s chosen theme – Childhood. The judges will be looking for the most interesting and engaging interpretation of the idea of ‘chilhood’ within the parameters of portraiture.
  • The RP Prize for the Best Small Portrait – A prize of £2,000 for the best small portrait in the exhibition, measuring not more than 38 x 30.5 cm (15 x 12 inches) framed
  • The de Laszlo Foundation Award – £3,000 plus a Silver Medal for the most outstanding portrait by an artist aged 35 years or under
  • The Prince of Wales’s Award for Portrait Drawing – £2,000 and framed certificate for a portrait in any recognised drawing medium
  • The Burke’s Peerage Foundation Award – The Burke’s Peerage Foundation Award, established by its co-founders Mark Ayre and William Bortrick in 2015, is presented for Classically Inspired Portraiture in the RP Annual Exhibition. It is presented each year with a certificate and a cheque for £2,000.
  • The Smallwood Architects Prize – £1,000 for a portrait in which architectural or interior features play an important part.


The exhibition will be shown at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1Y 5BD in May 2021.


The exhibition is selected by a committee of elected members of the society – all leading and currently practising portrait painters.

Please note that selectors’ decisions are final and we are unable to offer feedback.

Following the Submission Deadline on 15 January 2021, the committee will review all the entries submitted.  Artists will be notified of the results of the Pre Selection on 29 January 2021 and the successful artists will go forward to the second stage of the judging online.


Artworks selected for exhibition for the delivery to the Federation of British Artists, 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1 must adhere to the following:

  • Packaging from delivered works cannot be retained and must be taken away at the point of delivery.
  • We are unable to wrap works or provide wrapping materials for any works being returned.
  • Paintings should be completely dry at the time of delivery.
  • Any work uncollected on the specified collection date/s will be stored at a separate location and the artist will be charged a storage fee.


Artists from outside the UK may need to register for VAT, please check with HM Revenue and Customs: https://www.gov.uk

Artists sending work from abroad should use a picture carrier. Many artists use Picture Post Art as they offer a packing and delivery service for our exhibitions (we do not accept any liability for their services). Picture Post Art – Tel: 0044 (0)1302 711011 / Mobile: 07833 450788 /  Email: info@picturepostcompany.co.uk



SUBMISSION DEADLINEMonday 25 January 2021, 12pm
EXHIBITION OPENS AT THE MALL GALLERIES, THE MALL, LONDON SW1Thursday 6 – Saturday 15 May 2021, 11am to 4pm
COLLECTION OF UNSOLD WORKThursday 20 May and Friday 21 May, 10am to 5pm


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