Vladimir was born in Volgograd 1971 and excelled in 2001 at the Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. This is the renowned 6 year traditional training in Fine Arts.

Vladimir specializes in portrait painting (particularly children) and interiors. He continues to paint regularly in Vienna, Munich and London.


Portraits include The Hon. Christopher Vane, Dr. Gerard Salvin, the Hon. Bertie Cayzer, the Hon. John Howard, Julia Friedland, Princess Violante Pallavicini, Hannah Noel-Paton, Lilly Napier, the Hon. Mrs. Dalrymple, Lady Brassey, Marcus Hoyos, the 12 grandchildren of Michael and Louis Stone, Tania Illingworth, Lady Ridley of Liddesdale, Lady Helen Windsor and James,Viscount Severn, Thomas Hill QC and his children, Beatrice and Flora Struthers,
Brocklebank Scott children, Princess Kinga Liechtenstein, Nicholas Coates, Sam Laidlaw, Daisy and Mungo Reeves, Dixon-Hill boys.