I am an Italian painter born in 1988, based in between Milan and Florence.

I have been undertaking a rigorous and classical training in Firenze at Charles H. Cecil Studio for a number of years.

Primarily I draw and paint portraits from life, to the scale of life, under natural light, following the sight-size method whereby image and subject are placed side by side at a distance in order to perceive the whole.

The origin of the sight-size as a portrait technique lie in the practice of Titian, Van Dyck and Velasquez, therefore are those the masters I study, admire and look up the most.

I have a simple love of observing, interpreting and representing humans, trying to attain truth to nature.

Working from life, from the subject exclusively, creates a powerful experience between the painter and the sitter, opening a window on human condition which is the primary purpose of portraiture.

My ideal would be to travel and get in contact with as many people I can, having the chance to share time with them, trying to catch the spirit of the person I have in front in the painting process.