Suzanne’s passion, love and enthusiasm for Art began as a toddler surrounded by her father’s wooden and metal sculptures, paintings and drawings. This was later enhanced by childhood visits to London art galleries and museums, before becoming an Art Director for over 20 years.

 Suzanne enjoys painting in both England and California.  Personally affected and touched by the tragic wildfires of Northern California, last year she felt compelled to leave her teaching career to produce a 3 month solo art exhibition on the Carr fire. Paintings sold at the exhibition, helped to raise thousands of dollars for the American Red Cross. A 30 page article in the Art Review followed, along with 4 International rewards (Light, Space and Time, All Women Artist 2020, Murze Mag and LandEscape).

As the exhibition was a great success, she has now made it her passion and goal to work towards exhibiting (throughout America and the UK) to raise money for charities. Suzanne’s use of the burnt ash, enabled her to connect with the subject in a raw and personal way. This exciting and emotive process, using personal, and tactile resources has gone on to inspire her further work. The portrait selected for exhibition at the Mall Galleries, is an example of such work.

In her portrait ‘Facing It’, Suzanne painted her sister, Sally, undergoing treatment for cancer, having lost her crowning glory. She collected, combed and literally applied her hair to the canvas so it became deep rooted and united with her portrait, enabling her to connect with and process the loss and devastation.


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