Jeff Stultiens, His Excellency Nestor Orsorio

Jeff Stultiens, ‘His Excellency Nestor Orsorio’

“I’ve been completely bowled over by the whole process and couldn’t have wished for better. I had some preconceptions that RP would be ‘stuffy’ and you have proved to be far from that.” Sandra Macdonald, Josphine Butler College,Durham.


Whether this is a major commission for a renowned artist, or a small family commission, we offer the services of a Commissions Consultant to help you to commission a portrait from concept to completion. After all, this is what supports portrait-painters to paint portraits.


With artists’ fees starting under £1,000 portraiture can be surprisingly affordable, it is also surprisingly easy and enjoyable. Our peer-vetting of the artists and the expertise our Commissions Consultant, Annabel Elton, together provide a unique combination to assure that you find the artist to match you and your commission.


Her enormous skill at identifying great talent and understanding precisely what her clients need is a real and rare gift.” 

Camilla Borge, Rhodes House.


Portraiture is a very approachable and human experience. The sittings are personal and intense as the subtle exchange between sitter and artist is instilled in paint; many friendships are formed between artist and sitter. A good portrait is not only a portrait of the sitter it also contains something of the artist as well.

“We made a commission through the RP and it was one of the best decisions ever. …We now have something on the wall that we’ll treasure forever. Highly recommended’” Imogen, mother.


A portrait is a unique work of art to enjoy for generations and being part of the creative process is easy, deeply rewarding and enjoyable.


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The Parameters

The first stage is to establish the parameters of the work; who is to be in it, whether a background is to be included, how large the work is to be, which medium and an idea of how much you would be prepared to spend. (Please be aware that, when discussing size, artists think about the canvas or paper size whereas you will be thinking about the overall size which includes the frame).

Choosing an artist

Armed with this information you can then embark in choosing an artist. This decision is key to the success of the portrait so it is important that you get it right so research is essential. The research element should educate you as to your aesthetic taste, what choice of artist would be within your budget, their style,  location and availability. You will soon develop an instinct for the art that appeals to you, and it is this instinct that should guide you to your artist right up to the final stage. This choice is very important so we recommend contacting our Consultant to help you with this stage.

Meeting the artist

Quality is hard to assess online so a short-list of no more than three artists should be made with a view to meeting your preferred artist. If you try to visit all of the artists, you will find the process so time-consuming that you are likely to be daunted by it.  The other two artists are there as a back-up just in case your first choice does not work out.

When you meet the artist it is important to explore both the practical aspects of the portrait such as the number, length and location of sittings, as well as the aesthetic decisions such as the content and style of the painting.

Booking the first sitting

Once you are sure about the artist it is time to book the first sitting, and it is only at this point that you become committed and that a deposit is often paid.

Sittings are relaxing and enjoyable experiences and many friendships have been formed between artist and sitter.